Working Forwards

Event Photography: Logistical Planning

Sometimes event coverage is much more involved than simply showing up with a camera and grabbing a handful of shots…

The following are some of the factors we consider in order to develop realistic estimates. We may not come in with the lowest price, but our clients will tell you that we consistently meet their expectations, both in terms of budgeting and delivering the images they need when they need them.

    • Event Duration: When does it start and end?
    • Type of Event: Give us a description of the event, including how many people will be involved.
    • Quantity of Images: How many are you expecting to receive?
    • Shot List: Do you have one or do you need help developing one?
    • Creative Services/Art Direction: Will someone be guiding the shoot, or will you be relying on us to find/develop/compose images?
    • Number of Photographers Required: Can your needs be met by a single photographer, or will this require multiple photographers?
    • Special Equipment Required: It may be that we must rent additional gear to meet your needs.
    • Lighting Setup Required: Depending on the nature of your shoot, there may be a need for bringing additional professional lighting gear.
    • Any Props, Backdrops, Staging Required: Let us know if we need to bring anything extra.
    • Turnaround Time Required: (When do you need imagery? Same day? Next day? Next week? Next month?
    • Amount of Post-Processing Required: None? Basic? Enhanced?
    • Deliverable File Specs: What type of files do you need? What size(s)?
    • Deliverable Media: Do you need a disk? A flash drive? Or can you accept electronic delivery?
    • FTP or Other Online Delivery Required: Can you download from our FTP site? Or do you have a different preferred delivery option?
    • Onsite Delivery: Do you require onsite delivery?
    • Onsite Printing: Do you need onsite printing?
    • Online Galleries for Print Purchases or Digital Distribution: Can you handle this yourself, or do you need us to do it for you?
    • Planned Image Usages: How do you intend to use the delivered images?
    • Licensing Requirements: What type of licensing do you need?
    • Planned Budget: How much have you budgeted for this shoot?

We can work with most any budget, as long as there’s a clear understanding as to what you need and expect from us.