Skip Rowland

Meet Skip Rowland ’83

Skip Rowland

• I was born in Richmond and raised in rural Virginia.
• I earned my BBA from William & Mary in ’83 with a concentration in marketing and a strong background in English and Computer Science.
• My wife of 30 years, Nina, earned her BA from University of Delaware and her JD from Temple University.
• Our children are members of the William & Mary Tribe (Classes of ’18 & ’20).
• We live in Hanover County (just outside of Richmond, about an hour from Williamsburg) with our rescued pets.

Professional Development
• I worked in various sales and marketing positions for a number of years after college.
• I have been self-employed since ’87 except for a 9-month stint with a consulting firm.
• I built a database consulting company that served government, corporations, large and small businesses.
• I started working as a full-time photojournalist in 2005 and earned numerous awards from the Virginia Press Association, including a Photographer of the Year recognition.

My Professional Relationship with William & Mary
• I have been handling editorial and portrait assignments for W&M Magazine since 2005.
• I have been handling event work for the university since 2006 (homecoming 2019 was my 14th homecoming handling photography for the Alumni Association.).
• I have been working for or with nearly every entity that comprises the university, including but not limited to: the President’s Office, the Provost’s Office, the Muscarelle Museum of Art, the School of Education, the School of Business, the School of Arts & Sciences, the Office of Advancement, the Alumni Association, Creative Services, Historic Campus, Swem Library, the 50th Legacy, and the Society of 1918.
• I have been, in addition to providing photography for the university, training and mentoring student photographers.

Skip Rowland Photography
• Is a full-service photography agency.
• Is equipped to professionally handle nearly every type of photography assignment.
• Provides digital darkroom expertise.
• Has digital asset management expertise.
• Offers consulting and mentoring services.
• Tailors deliveries to the client’s needs, whether that means prints, un-processed out-of-camera files, or publication-ready images.
• Operates a portable studio that can set up nearly anywhere to shoot anything from headshots to full-body portraits to group photos.
• Can capture formal group portraits and very large group photos.
• Operates an on-site printing service that can deliver prints within minutes.

Core Commitments
• I am committed to serving higher education.
• Everything I do is in support of making positive changes in our community, country, and world.
• I strive to be the best value decision anyone can make.

My Works
You can view my work at the following sites. If you would like to see specific examples, please let me know.
SRP Portfolio
Video Slideshow
Skip Rowland Photography
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Skip Rowland ’83

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